About Us

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m the Estúdio Criativo FOMMB! – or, in english, Creative Studio Fommb! 😉

Simple like this: I was born of a fashion designer’s passion for graphic design. There were several courses and specializations that showed that beauty is in the details, in the packaging, in a simple tag and in the identity of a brand. Today, we are focused on serving brands from the fashion, beauty, gastronomy and lifestyle segments and we work to make the world more beautiful. We have designers, programmers and editors who believe in the same purpose: to take care of every project in the most personalized way possible – and always with a smile on our faces. For us, it does not matter if your company is large or small, traditional or startup. We want to work hand in hand to deliver practical and creative solutions to your values ​​and ideals.

We create visual identity for your brand, patterns for your next collection or any other service your company needs to make a difference in the market. After all, helping you build a brand or legacy is what we love to do.

Therefore, we invite you, your brand or company to be part of this movement. Welcome to our studio!

Who does the Estúdio Criativo FOMMB!

Natália Baraldi, fashion designer graduated from the Centro Universitário Senac and designer of the clothing brand that bears her name. Along the way, he discovered a new vocation: to build brands and special graphic designs projects, to make the world even more beautiful. She left the clothing brand aside a little and during this transition she specialized in Graphic Design and Trends Forecasting at schools such as ESPM (São Paulo – Brazil), Belas-Artes (São Paulo – Brazil), Brandster (São Paulo – Brazil), CalArts (Los Angeles – EUA) and Amsterdam Fashion Academy (Amsterdam – Netherlands). Today she serves clients who understand how caring and care with each project is essential to the success of their companies.